Bob Marier






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When the body of a cantankerous lobsterman washes up on a small island in southern Maine, it sparks controversy, an arrest, and unexpected plot twists in the coastal village of Somers Beach. The character of Maine people is at stake during the struggle of a black man desperately trying to prove his innocence with the aid and skill of a newly-graduated lawyer against the power of a politically motivated District Attorney. This murder mystery takes the reader on a journey through icons coastal Maine and into the spirit of its people. TIDAL POOLS isavailable as a print book and a kindle ebook.









PERFECT FAIRWAYS---HIDDEN LIES   When beautiful young women start showing up dead in the same cities where golf tournaments are being held, the FBI is called in to solve this fast moving mystery. This fascinating tale, involving golfers and some of the world's great golf courses, takes the reader from the West coast to the East coast, Mexico and Oregon, chasing a slippery perpetrator. It is available on Amazon as a print book and a Kindle ebook.